Hi!  I’m Faydra, a.k.a. SockaDoodleDoo.

I’m a mom to 4 big kids & wife to my only hubby.  🙂

I want to live life to the fullest!

I love to knit, especially socks.

I also love chickens

Hand Knit Socks + Chickens = SockaDoodleDoo

I love working with natural fibers.

I love hand spinning beautiful wools and silks into luscious yarns.

I esp. love sharing hand spun goodness, cuz I can’t knit it all!

Colors are intoxicating and I love working with the entire color spectrum.

But red is my absolute favorite color of all…always has been, from my very first memories of color

I use both natural and acid dyes.

I love natural dyes because they surprise me…their color has a depth not matched elsewhere…

Acid dyes are NOT the stepchild though…they’re fun to work with & I love to create vibrant color palettes with them…

I try to always purchase my wool directly from the farm, usually a whole fleece at a time.  Sometimes I even know the sheep’s name.  Love that!

I’m passionate about supporting local businesses, esp. agriculture.  It matters where we spend every dime!

I’m working on a direct source for silk too.  Since sericulture or silk farming is not close to home, I’m looking silk producers I can buy directly from in Asia.  I’m getting closer…can’t wait!  That will be a good day…

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