I’m Mixing Greener Shades Dyes to Design Colorways

February 3, 2012

Thanks to SpinnyBuns over at Ravelry, I’m using a new technique to combine my Greener Shades dyes to put together specific colorways I want for this year & the coming year.  I love this little tutorial, downloadable on Ravelry.

So, I used some pics that inspired me with color,  as a starting point for some of the first color experiments.  I love the fabrics in the Matilda Jane children’s clothing line.  Their new Serendipity Collection has some great colors.  (They have great women’s clothes too!)

Since red is my favorite color, I wanted to start off with a few lovely reds.  Tomato reds, different shades and slightly different hues – some warmer & some cooler to begin with.  Also, I wanted some celery greens, robin egg blues, pinks and golden yellows…

Here’s the Matilda Jane Fruit Punch Dress & Tween Celery 2 Tank

Well, I should NOT have chosen to do my first experiment by hand painting roving…it was difficult to calculate proper DOS.

Here are my results:
Test Dyeing - Greener Shades custom palettesTest Dyeing - Greener Shades custom palettesTest Dyeing - Greener Shades custom palettes

I think it will be easier next time.  I took copious notes.  🙂  I got totally caught up in the math, then mixing them, then off to paint them on…I’m finishing up the 2nd roving at 2 a.m. & realize I forgot citric acid!  I was so concerned in getting my formulas right, that I threw the fundamentals out the window.  Lesson learned.  So, I just left them til morning…well, later morning, that is.  I made a fairly strong citric acid water that I carefully applied before steaming.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my first try!  However, my next experiment will be in the dye pot, not hand painting, at least for now.  🙂  I’ll post more pictures when I get this spun.  I’m suspending my final opinion until then, don’t you think?  The finished product is what matters, so we’ll see…

So, if you’re interested in using digital images to create color palettes, you’ll want to check out Alanna’s, a.k.a. SpinnyBuns,  guide on Ravelry.  Go on…get to it & tell Alanna I sent you.  Her sample shown here is amazingly close to the original image colors…

Ok, here’s an update!  I’m still spinning these rovings, but here’s a progress photo.  I have to say, I’m MUCH happier after spinning this wool…colors are actually closer than I first thought…the golden yellow went too orange, though.  🙂  What do you think?

Beginning to Spin Wool from Dye Experiment

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Judy Helie July 14, 2016 at 6:53 pm

Great job.. Love the colors.. Just bought the Greener Shades dyes and am anxious to get started!!

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