I have exclusive SockaDoodleDoo’s patterns for hand spun yarns coming soon.  Yea!  🙂

I’ve also compiled some beautiful patterns that are perfect for showcasing your hand spun yarns.  Not all the patterns are specifically designed for hand spun fibers, but you can easily substitute a similar yarn.  Not sure how to do that?  Be sure to read my Tips for Knitting w/ Hand Spun Yarn.

I’ve included approximate wraps per inch (wpi) for each weight of yarn.  Keep in mind your yarn might fit in more than one category.  So, be sure to check the nearest yarn weights as well.

  • Lace – 18+ wpi
  • Fingering – 14-16 wpi
  • Sport – 12-14 wpi
  • DK & Light Worsted – 11 wpi
  • Medium Worsted & Aran – 9 wpi
  • Bulky – 7-8 wpi
  • Super Bulky – 6 or less wpi


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