Sneak Peek! Free Knit Pattern – Wensleydale Handspun Neckerchief Scarf

September 3, 2011

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Here’s a sneak peek at the project I’m working on especially for you.

Free pattern will be available here soon…stay tuned!

The yarn I’m using for this neckerchief will be in my etsy shop shortly…it’s a Wensleydale cross lambswool that’s completely natural, undyed dark chocolate brown.  This little lamb is the black sheep of the fiber family of natural colors.  After being washed, the “black” wool is no longer black, but the color you see here.  It’s a luscious dark brown that reminds me of 87% Dagoba bar of chocolate!  It’s a lace/light fingering weight yarn, 18 wpi, with a lovely sheen…

Natural true black fleece is not common, like white or cream colored fleece.  Over the ages, color has been bred out of much of the sheep breeds.  Most black sheep’s wool lighten with age.  So, even if the lambswool begins as a true black, as they mature, their fleece begins to lighten and turn grey.  That’s pretty too, but no longer true black.

Hand Spun Wensleydale Neckerchief Sneak PeekAs for the free pattern I’ll share with you soon…it’s my personal favorite style.  🙂  During the winter, even when we lived in cold NE Nebraska, I preferred a smaller neck scarf that easily tucked into my coat.  It kept me toasty warm, without making me too hot…Heavier scarves are usually too much for me, unless I have to be out in blizzard conditions for an extended amount of time…not gonna happpen.  🙂  Esp. now we’re back in our home state of Texas.  While this pattern is written for hand spun yarn, it would lovely in any special yarn you have in your stash.  I can’t wait to share it with you!  🙂

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